Real Opportunities
Exclusive Confidential Opportunities

At TR Consulting, the majority of opportunities we deal with are never advertised, and it is likely that you would never hear about such opportunities from any other agent. 90% of the opportunities that we deal with are highly exclusive confidential opportunities. We often see amazing positions open up and then get filled which most people never know about.

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Companies Expect Confidentiality

Why do companies use TR Consulting to conduct confidential searchers for them?

    Companies don't want competitors to know that they are hiring for specific positions simply due to the confidential nature of the technology or information associated with the position. There are many third party firms that deal in such confidential corporate information and often send spies to pose as candidates for the purposes of acquiring such information Companies we deal with trust TR Consulting to filter candidates in order to bring them candidates that are generally interested in positions.
  • Sometimes the case exists where a company is conducting a replacement hire. In these cases, companies want it kept highly confidential that they are looking to hire, because often the person who is to be replaced doesn't yet know he/she is being replaced.
  • Companies don't want to go through the trouble of sifting through a stack of resumes, and meeting hundreds of candidates in order to find the one they want to hire. They expect TR Consulting to bring them the best of the best from the start.

For The Candidate

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Our Business is built on relationships

At TR Consulting, we put the candidate first. Our business is built upon relationships with candidates, and we want candidates to make the best decisions for their careers. We will never push a job opportunity on a candidate, and we actually try to understand the candidate's interests as best as possible to help them to plan the best career strategy.

Key Factors
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Timing is important for every career opportunity. You have to catch the company's window-of-opportunity right when it opens. It is our job at TR Consulting to immediately let you know when an opportunity matching your skills, experience, and interests opens up. New opportunities become available generally for one of two reasons. Either the company is expanding at a rapid pace and needs new people in order to properly grow their operation, or the company is replacing a person. A replacement hire can happen for one of three reasons: someone gets transferred, promoted, or cut; and is always generally related to movements/improvements within a company.

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Whenever an opportunity opens up matching your skills and experience, we would recommend that you at least meet with the company if we see that we can get you the meeting. The reasoning behind this is that you can't really know what a company's about unless you meet with them. We've seen many people miss out on spectacular opportunities simply because they were not motivated to meet with a company. Some of the most successful executives made it to the level where they're at because they kept an open mind and were open to learn more about new opportunities. Motivation is a key factor for success.

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