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Japan Executive Search
  • ContingencyTR Consulting offers a a robust, strategically oriented pro-active contingency search. In a contingency search, you are not charged a fee unless you decide to hire the chosen candidate. We guarantee to produce a good worthy lot of candidates that will leave little more to be desired through our professional contingency search process, and have satisfied a good number of clients through this search option.
  • RetainedTR Consulting specializes in retained searches for the Japanese market in both executive and professional search. In a retained search, the success fee is divided into two portions. The first portion of the success fee, the retainer, is paid upfront. The second portion of the success fee is paid upon the hiring of the chosen candidate. The retained search guarantees that a dedicated team is working on your search. This team will scour the market in a leave-no-stone-unturned approach in order to bring you the very best possible selection of available candidates on the market.

Executive & Professional Search


The process of recruitment is a rigorous and time consuming one. At TR Consulting, we are dedicated to finding you the very best candidates to fulfill your hiring needs, and therefore follow an intricate and well-defined recruitment process proven to yield outstanding results.


We develop an understanding of your requirements for the position, and help you to develop a job description if you do not already have one.



We source possible candidates through searching our database, making cold calls, and using specialized techniques.



Potential candidates are qualified based on their skill set, experience, motivation, expectations, or other requirements specific to the position in question.



A short-list of the most suitable candidates are then interviewed by us in order to conduct a detailed assessment of their suitability for the position covering all aspects that may be desired.


Profiles Created

Profiles for the short-listed candidates are sent to you for review.


Reference Checks

After receiving your feedback for the candidate profiles, we will personally speak with 2 to 6 references provided by the candidate in order to verify their career history and worth.



Interviews are scheduled at a location of your choosing.



We help to coordinate the hiring process of candidates by facilitating negotiations.



We follow-up with both you and the candidate to ensure that the candidate has smoothly integrated into your organization and is performing according to expectations 3 to 6 months after the initial starting date.