Did TR Consulting Already Contact Me?


Don't worry, it's all completely confidential!


If a consultant from TR Consulting had contacted you, it's because we have targetted you for a particular role.


If you are not interested in a job opportunity at the moment, then we understand. However, our consultants may still be very interested in meeting with you in order to discuss the industry and keep in touch for the future.


It's a small world and if we are seeking candidates in your industry, then it's well worth your time to meet with us and make the connection. Who knows? If you are not interested, then you might know someone perfect for the role, or you might just want to keep in touch with us for the future. You only have to meet with us once, and this will keep you connected for the rest of your career.


Timing is everything to make the right career change, and by just meeting us once you don't have to worry about finding the next opportunity while we scan the industry for you and let you know when the right relevant confidential opportunity becomes available.


We often see many excellent opportunities open up and then get filled which most people never know about. By meeting with us, we would be establishing a relationship for the future, and linking you into the network. We don't target just anyone you know, you've been specifically chosen by us for a reason.

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