Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

TR Consulting respects, secures, protects, and keeps confidential all personal information. All information is kept 100% confidential, and is provided to us voluntarily. TR Consulting will never release the information provided by a candidate to a third party without first obtaining the consent of the candidate.

TR Consultings maintains a personal information protection management system for the protection of personal information which is based on "personal information protection management systems - requirements" (JIS15001:2006) in addition to all Japan privacy laws.

At TR Consulting we believe that it is our responsibility to safeguard the personal information of our candidates at all costs. Our relationship with our candidates is the foundation of our business and keeping 100% confidential is a part of that. All of our relationships are built on trust and good will amongst professionals.

TR Consulting obtains personal information only through legally acceptable methods. Personal information that TR Consulting obtains includes, but is not limited to, contact and career information as required to enable us to identify particular individuals for the purposes of presenting our candidates to our clients. The provision of information is always completely voluntary.

TR Consulting will voluntarily provided information for identifying and contacting relevant individuals in order to provide a superior executive search service.

TR Consulting will not provide any third party with personal information without approval obtained from the candidate to whom the personal information belongs to, unless otherwise stated in the laws and regulations of Japan or unless we have already obtained the consent of the candidate.

TR Consulting will always safeguard and keep personal information confidential and private. We do whatever it takes to ensure that information is kept 100% confidential.

Candidates have the right to request disclosure, correction, change, deletion, etc. of registered data which belongs to themselves, and, when such requests are made, TR Consulting shall respond within a reasonable time frame to such requests which are legitimate. In such cases, we reserve the right to verify your identify. However, in the following cases, TR Consulting might not take the above action: cases in which disclosure might harm the life, body, property and other rights and interests of the person or the third party; cases in which disclosure might noticeably impede the proper execution of the operations of the business entity concerned; cases in which disclosure violates laws. Where disclosure is regulated by laws and other regulations, we shall take appropriate actions according to the applicable laws.

TR Consulting shall comply with all laws, guidelines and regulations concerning the protection of personal information, specifically stipulated by the Japanese government, as related to the nature of our business.

Please contact us at the email link provided in the upper right hand corner of this site if you have any complaints regarding our handling of personal information, or would like to consult, express opinions or ask questions regarding personal information.