Our Edge
What separates us from the competition?
We work hard to satisfy both our clients and candidates. For us, recruitment is much more than just making a placement, it's an art-form.

At TR Consulting, we are in the business of delivering candidates who would not otherwise present themselves to you. They are too engaged in their current jobs to even consider actively seeking a position. Such candidates are the top caliber, and these are the ones we align ourselves with. Just consider the top caliber personnel within your own organization, are they the types who would be actively seeking a job, or that would even have the time to do so?
Probably not.

When dealing with us, you can be assured that you are getting a top-level professional recruitment service tailored to your needs. We strive for perfection and do whatever it takes to bring you the best of the best!

Here to fulfill your Japan hiring needs!

Japan Executive Search
It's a fine day for headhunitng IN tokyo today

TR Consulting is the premiere Executive Search firm. We conduct very specific targeted searches, bringing you the best candidates that the Japan market has to offer. Other search firms may spam you with medicore candidates, NOT US! We offer an in-depth targeted search providing you with the top 1% of qualified candidates on the market.

How We Work

We find candidates the old-fashioned way, we headhunt them utilizing best-in-class direct scouting methods:

  • Research
  • Name Collecting
  • Cold Calls
  • Meet Canddates Face to Face
  • Deliver You The Best
  • Close The Deal
Why Japan?
A First-Class Business Culture

Japan prides itself on being a first-class business culture, with numerous formalities, methodologies, and infrastructure designed for doing business. It's not easy to break into this market, but once you do the rewards are astoundingly abundant. If you've already broken into this market, then we're sure you understand why it pays to have the best working for you rather than against you.